Throwing it Back to the Old Shows

Television shows come and go, and when new companies buy out old ones, fan favorites are almost always guaranteed to lose their contract shortly after the switch even if the cancellation was already planned. From the first air date on Jan. 10, 2011 to the final air date on June 27, 2017, fan favorite "Pretty Little Liars" experienced a company change along with providing the fans with a rollercoaster of evidence. Just as one character would become the primary suspect, another would follow shortly behind.

I will admit; I did fall off the bandwagon about halfway through the series, but that is only because of an overwhelming amount of school work I have accumulated over the past couple of years, but who has never fallen out of the loop of their favorite shows before? I mean every single one of you must have at one point or another, and if you have remained this devoted to all of your shows so far, you will eventually become too overwhelmed at some point. After not watching "Pretty Little Liars" for years, it has been a great couple of days binge-watching the old favorite in between essays and before falling asleep. 

Sometimes you just have to go back to your old favorite shows when times were simpler. I know fifth grade was a much simpler time for me compared to my current college life. I would have a paper to do every couple of months that we would solely work on in class. I have six papers due just this week alone, so you might disagree, but an escape back to the past is greatly needed right now. There is no reason to not go back and re-watch old shows even if you have already watched the series five times by now. We all know I chose to go back to my "Pretty Little Liars" days, but what are you going to go back to watching?