The February Challenge


It’s a new month of a new year, so why not try something good for yourself and new? Since I’ve been on this whole “healthier eating, healthier life” thing, I've been trying to incorporate new and beneficial things to my life. Recently, while scrolling down Instagram, my roommate stumbled upon an interesting challenge. This intriguing challenge is called “the February challenge.” So, what this challenge is basically suppose to do is stop you from eating and/or drinking a lot of addictive and unhealthy things. While participating in this challenge, you can not eat any fried foods, chips, candy, cookies, and cake. Also, you can not drink in alcoholic beverages, any juice, and any sweet tea. For many, this may or may not seem like a challenge at all, but for me, this is a challenge to be reckoned with. I absolutely love sweet tea and I mean, I’m from the south, what person from the south does not like sweet tea? I know it’s like only the fourth day of February, but I’ve caught myself wanting chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-a with a sweet tea. I guess the only way I’ll survive this challenge is a little bit more motivation and to stay away from Chick-fil-a. Honestly, staying away from Chick-fil-a is like staying away from all things good in life itself. I’ve found in these little four days that if I take my focus of the things I so badly want but also so badly want to stay away from, it makes the process a lot easier. These days I’m more worried about my roommate cutting the fan more than I am. But, like I’ve been telling her through this process and every other process we’ve experienced together, you can do all things through Christ that strengthens you. We’ll make, I know we will. Image result for chick-fil-aImage result for pictures of no sweet tea

Azayla B. Rodriguez