Spring Break: Problems for the Perpetually Pale

It has happened to all of us before. Paleness. Becoming a paler skin tone is unavoidable in winter, unless you hit up a tanning bed. But some people, myself included, know that being pale is more than that: it’s a way of life. We have accepted our forever paleness, and even embraced it.  If you're pale, let those tanned skinned people know that it's not a choice; your paleness is natural. How can you tell?


Your skin tone name isn’t something simple, like ivory. You use that rare tone: translucent or porcelain, because that’s the only shade that somewhat blends in!

When you take a selfie outside (or go outside period), you blend in with the sun.

You don’t wear sunscreen. Sunscreen wears you. If you don’t pack sunscreen, you could end up like this:


When you are in the sun for more than 5 minutes or if you try to exercise, you get instantly red.

When you go to the beach, you become a palien, having people question ask when the last time you saw the sun was.

You are just going to get burned anyway; why bother even leaving your room?


So why risk a sunburn at the beach when you can stay inside all spring break? You can have fun during the break without having to travel somewhere exotic or different. Do what you want to do! Curl up with a book, binge watch some of your favorite TV shows, maybe even catch up on that homework you’ve been putting off.(Come on, you will have to do it eventually anyway.) There are millions of things to do without even leaving your room. So just because all of your friends are going to the beach, doesn't mean you have to too. Have a great Spring Break and we will see y’all when we get back! HCXO!