So What If My Hair IS Purple, I'm The Same Person

People dye their hair all the time, so what's the big deal if I decide to dye my hair purple instead of making it more blonde or brown? Yes, I am a natural blonde, but I need a change. Besides, I look better with the purple hair in my opinion. My eyes pop more and I don't look ill.

Not to mention, I don't need a natural hair color to work in certain businesses. Take a hair salon. I currently work at a local salon, and everyone loves my purple hair. It's different from the rest of the staff which are blondes and brunettes, and I can get it touched up just about whenever I want.

Plus, clients and random strangers always compliment my hair. I love seeing their reactions when they find out that I am a natural blonde. So, why should I be getting backlash from former friends saying that I'm a different person?

Newsflash! I haven't changed! I'm still the same old Avery you've always known whether that was for a month or years before I dyed it. I'm still super sweet regardless I don't take all that trouble anymore. I may stand my ground a little more, but there comes a time when we have to stand our ground more than before.

I shouldn't have to go back to my blonde locks for you to be okay with my hair color. Besides, I still have all those funny blonde moments as before that kept things interesting when times got boring, so what's the problem? I don't see the issue, and people really need to end the stigma that people with unnatural hair colors are not the same as someone with the typical blonde or brown hair.