So Over It

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         Have you ever had that one friend that always takes a joke too far? It’s like they can’t stop laughing over something that just was not that funny to you. They’re like being all dramatic and laughing out loud on around the room and falling on the floor crying out from laughter; then you’re just like “I’m so over it.” We all know that person but for me, that “person” is Halloween. People, let me tell you how I’m completely done with Halloween. Yes, Halloween is a great holiday and it’s fun to celebrate and all the above, but it’s stretched out way too far like a corny joke. I’m completely done and over Halloween and, personally, it could really just go right on ahead and skip to Christmas. Christmas is my favorite holiday, but right about the now, the level of being fed up I am right now with Halloween, I’ll settle for Thanksgiving. Halloween, in my opinion, is not what it used to be for me. Personally, that may be the reason why I’m always so ready to rush through it. These last past years, I’ve been feeling this way which was weird at first because I used to love Halloween. Halloween now a days is just too gruesome for my liking and it’s traumatic. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the traditional, family favorite Halloween movies, just not new ones. New Halloween movies or just scary movies in general just aren’t what they used to be and I will argue the fact all “scary movies” do have an impact on the holiday Halloween. I am a prime example of that statement. Some of the new scary movies that come out around Halloween just make me so over it. Right about now, I’ve given Halloween a chance and I don’t have any more chances to give out. I’m done with Halloween and just so over it.