So NOT Over It

Halloween is the most wonderful time of the year in my opinion. Period. Like some people do with Christmas, I eagerly count down the days until Halloween. The few weeks surrounding Halloween are the only time that I can wear Hogwarts robes in public and not look like a complete idiot. Whether you celebrate Halloween by holding festive parties or by going to Haunted Hayrides or Haunted Houses. Many people may say "Halloween is only for children" but it's not. It is open to children of all ages, as long as you have the magic of Halloween in your heart.

Why do I love it so much? Halloween is the one time of the year where it doesn't matter where you are, what you do, how old you are, or anything else because you are able to be free from your everyday self. You can choose to dress up as a firefighter, a princess, a fairy, a Hogwarts student; anything your heart desires to be. Many may know the saying "dress for the job you want, not the job you have" and on Halloween, most jobs ACTUALLY let you dress up as whatever you want! You can attend fun parties and dance to only the best music ever created, Halloween music! You can hear songs like Spooky Scary Skeletons and Monster Mash. (Fun Fact about the song 'Monster Mash': the song is not THE Monster Mash; it's only describing the Monster Mash. Mind. Blown.) 

Halloween also has some of the best movies that are aired during this time. Need I mention everyone's favorite movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas, a movie that can be watched at both Halloween and Christmas? What about Hocus Pocus, The Haunted Mansion, Casper: The Friendly Ghost, all Halloweentown movies, Monster House, Twitches, or even some new movies like Mostly Ghostly or Girl vs. Monster. I love watching TV because all of the best movies are playing all the time.

And let's not even mention the CANDY that is sold! My absolute favorite candy of all time is the Spooky Nerds that are fruit punch flavored. They also have a orange flavor but fruit punch is the best. I can only get this candy at Halloween so you know I stock up on them for the entire year. Not to mention, candy corn, which is an iconic symbol of Halloween. So many people hate the taste of candy corn but I absolutely love it! Trick-or Treating is such a fantastic time not only for children but for teenagers too. I mean, we college students gotta survive off food somehow, and Trick-or-Treating gives us a nice pile of candy for a while.

Not every aspect of Halloween is for everyone. I personally hate scary movies, and if I went to a Haunted House, I'd probably try to punch them if they scared me. So I avoid those parts by adding more fun festive things like Trick-or-Treating or going to parties. I completely understand how some people may turn away from Halloween because they may think it's overrated or there are too many scary elements- I get it. Just focus on the parts of Halloween you enjoy and leave out all the rest, because Halloween is different for everyone. :)