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Profile: RIP to the Best Brenau Tree

If you were in Gainesville last night, you will remember the dangerous and terryifing storms that blew through campus. Literally. I happened to be in the library at the time of the storm and it was one of the worst storms I have seen in a long time. The storm included thunder, massive lightning, rain, and some decent size chuncks of hail. Certain parts of Hall County were without power, and in Jackson County in a subdivision near my house (about 20 minutes from campus), one man was killed due to a large tree falling on top of him while he was sleeping. 

While Brenau had no losses, we did manage to lose one of our trees on campus to the storm. The big, beautiful tree in front of the Provost Office and beside Phi Mu. I had a lot of great pictures taken with this tree- good memories too. One Phi Mu student, Allie Smith, managed to grab an up close photo of the split tree.

I love trees. Brenau has some amazing works of nature within its small campus area. I liked to think that this tree was one of the best trees on campus and I am heartbroken to hear that one of them has been lost. Earlier this school year, Brenau lost two other great trees- the one that used to stand in front of Walters House and one of the ones on the front lawn. These trees have been a part of Brenau’s history for such a long time that it is such a loss to our little Brenau Community. Is it too much to ask that they will put a little memorial for this tree where it used to stand? I hope not. RIP to the greatest tree of all.


Sommer Stockton is a sophomore at Brenau University and is majoring in Mass Communications. She believes she is the biggest Harry Potter fan of all time and loves to travel to new places. She loves chicken nuggets, frozen cokes and squirrels. Sommer is a proud Slytherin at heart.
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