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Profile: Professor Ian Peters

Who is Dr. Peters?

Dr. Peters is the new Mass Communications professor here at brenau. He teaches the majority of topics in this area, including but not limited to Communications, Law, and Film Appreciation. His areas of specialty are Media History and New Media Studies.

How Did Dr. Peters Learn About Brenau?

Dr. Peters first heard about Brenau University through his wife, who began working here last fall. She works in the Health Sciences Department. Through her time here, she spoke highly of her experience, which allowed him to take interest in this college. Originally, Peters worked at the University of Georgia as a limited term faculty member. When the teaching position here opened up, Mrs. Peters strongly encourage him to be a part of Brenau. And with that, he immediately jumped on board.

How Has His Experience at Brenau Been So Far?

Dr. Peters’s experience here so far has pretty much been everything he had heard it would be. To him, this is a special institution that he is glad he could become a part of. Dr. Peters is very enthusiastic about working with the students here at Brenau.

What Did Dr. Peters Do Before Teaching at Brenau?

Before, Dr. Peters had completed his studies as a Mass Communication major. He had originally attended Clark University in Massachusetts, a college he describes as one that has a similar feel as Brenau.There, he studied as a Psychology major, which didn’t really seem to work for him. During the first semester, he had taken a Screen Studies course. While taking the course, the complexity and beauty of film overtook his feelings for psychology. He then took more and more classes and the realization that he wanted to be a teacher flourished. He finished his schooling with a PHD at Georgia State. During his time there, he also got a lot of teaching experience.

Where Does Dr. Peters Come From?

Dr. Peters originates from the north. He grew up in Massachusetts and he finds the summers here to be much warmer at times. The transition from northern to southern states is definitely something.

What is His Family Like?

Dr. Peters has a wife and a young daughter who is absolutely adorable.

What Do Students Think About Dr. Peters?

Very positive things have been said about Dr. Peters and, being in one of his courses, I can confirm those statements. He has a personality that is better seen in person than described. Dr. Peters is a humorous teacher who changes the perspective of how we initially view films. He thrives in pop culture. His class has also exposed me to a lot of media I wouldn’t have bothered to explore if I had stumbled across it myself. Dr. Peters is an excellent teacher and I recommend that you get to know him.

How Can You Get to Know Dr. Peters Better?

If you want to get to know him but you don’t major in Mass Communications, I highly recommend taking Film Appreciation or coming to the screenings he holds every Tuesday at 6. Every movie relates to the area of film we discuss in class, and the movies aren’t limited to American movies either.

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