The Power of Silence

We often underestimate the power of Silence because we sometimes think this is the easiest solution. Whenever we may say things we regret, have an argument with our friends, or have tension with our parents, lots of us probably chose Silence over conversation at least once. However, we forget that Silence is a poison festering everything: this is the root giving birth to suspicions, doubts, and guilt. Because the more you refuse to put your thoughts into words, the more you go imaging the worst scenarios and attribute the most awful thoughts to the person in front of you. Because you don’t know the truth, you invent one with Silence and thus, the situation always seems darker that it actually is. By relaying so much on Silence and running away from the issue, you will get used to filling the void with lies. You will say “It’s fine” when it really isn’t and avoid the person, and at every “It’s fine”, the silence will go bigger and stronger. Until one day, you realize it has gotten so massive that it has built an irreparable pit between your loved ones and yourself. And it will be too late.

Communicating is the key of any healthy relationship because this is what makes responsible adults capable of facing the consequences of their mistakes. This is what mediation relies on and how we can fix what is broken. Talking can get you out of any situation, because it is only one awkward conversation to put an end to one endless loop of awkward silences.

If you don’t speak for yourself, the other person can’t change or understand.

If you don’t ask for a discussion, you will never know what’s wong.

If you keep quiet, the Silence will steal your relationship and never come back with it.