Physical Activity and YOUR Mental Health


How many of you have thought about waking up early, before the heat of the sun becomes too much to bear for a morning jog?  This is something that has passed everyone's mind at least once. The question is - have you actually done it? Many people dread the thought of any physical activity.  Whether it's heading to the gym, training for your respective sport, or just jogging for 30 minutes. It is understandable, however, before we start thinking of all the reasons we don’t like physical activity, let's look at what being active actually does for us.

Participating in any sport or recreational activity has long-term health benefits for everyone! Other than getting fit, making friends, getting that figure you have always wanted and being able to wear cute outfits (ladies), there is another benefit that is very important, especially nowadays in the ever-changing fast-paced world.  Sport is very beneficial to your mental health. Mental health is something that many people, especially college students, put aside and hardly look after. So, how is physical activity beneficial to our mental health? - Well...

Many researchers have proven that people who participate in sporting activities are more alert, have less stress and enjoy better mental health.  Being active also reduces depression, anxiety, and stress, which many of us face on a day to day bases. Exercise and other physical activity produce endorphins, which are chemicals produced by your body and acts as natural painkillers.  Those who exercise regularly tend to feel more energetic during the day, have improved memory, and feel more relaxed and positive about themselves.

Don’t believe in this theory, test it out for yourself.  Challenge yourself to do some physical activity and see how you feel after a week.  Do you feel you have been more productive or more energized? Next time, instead of letting your stress out on some chocolate binging, try the gym or joining a sport instead, and watch your mental health increase.