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Everyone is always talking about how they want to better themselves, but in reality, they do not always take the actions necessary to do so. I mean, what is the point of New Year’s Resolutions if you are not going to put in the effort to keep that resolution going? Do you really expect to change for the better if you only complete your resolution on January 1 and then never complete that resolution again after January 2? Not much is going to happen if you only focus on your resolutions for only one day, so for that reason, I have decided to challenge myself. I am going to get more organized, I am going to be cleaner, and I am going to study much, much more.

How am I going to accomplish these? The answer is simple. A planner. I prefer an hourly planner so I can plan out when I have classes, meetings or study time. I can also see when I free time to do what I want and easily recognize when I do not have a certain class that day. Plus, having a planner is going to keep me that much more accountable. I know when I have to study or be somewhere important. It just makes planning my day that much easier. I sit down every Sunday, and I plan out as much as I possibly know for the week. From there, I fill out any randomly assigned homework assignments or projects that I get assigned throughout the week that I could not find already on my syllabus.

Not only will having a planner keep me organized, but so will having a much cleaner area. I keep all of my books and school stuff at my desk away from bed. I am trying to make my desk my study space and my bed area for relaxing and sleeping. Having a seperate area for studying or sleeping will let your body know whether it is business time or naptime. Do not get me wrong, I like to be comfortable when I am studying, but I also have chairs that I can sprawl out in while studying. In fact, I am sprawled out across two chairs in my dorm room study room while I write this article.

Both of these are easily going to help me study more. I can see when and where I need to  study. I can focus more on my studying because I am not tempted to take a nap. I will do better on assignments. Just implementing these small changes will further help me in becoming as successful as I plan to be. I cannot wait to see what these three small life changes have in store for me this semester.

Avery Dill

Brenau '21

I am a Mass Communications major and Music minor sophomore/junior at Brenau University. I am also the Senior Editor for the HC Brenau chapter,  an HC Campus Trendsetter, HC Chapter Advisor, and an HC Campus Expansion Assistant.
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