My Road to Brenau

August 24, 2016: Today is my first move in day! Today was the day I would finally leave the small city of Covington, GA. Excited was the word to describe how I felt about finally going off to college. I got up early, packed up the car and didn’t look back. 40 minutes from the exit 22, where Brenau University resides, I get a text from one of my teachers, Mrs.James, asking me if I had already left Covington. I didn’t think much of it. Ten minutes later, my phone starts vibrating off the hook. I only saw one message:

“Mushadi passed away last night y'all.”

This day was supposed to be great. This day that was supposed to be the new beginning had turned into one of the worst days I was ever going to experience. I couldn’t understand it doesn’t make sense to this day.

Mushadi: A son. A friend. A brother. A student. The annoying, hard-headed, boy who, although I constantly bumped heads with, had been like a little brother to me for the past four years was gone. He was so many things to so many people and it just didn’t make sense. It still doesn’t. At that moment, my head was never in Brenau. At orientation, I watched everyone be happy, smiling, and singing songs. All I wanted to be was back in that place that just a few hours ago I couldn’t wait to leave.


August 23,2017, One year after Mushadi passing, and my second move In Day!! I woke up this morning, already moved into my dorm ready to start the day. I popped on my gold Brenau polo, my  Peer Assistant name tag, and my white pin with Mushadi’s cap and gown picture on it. I’m now more involved at Brenau than I have ever been. Mushadi’s passing was a tragedy. Instead of mourning, it’s become a new source of motivation. Not only did my friend’s passing motivate me; it also motivated his best friends. Mushadi's squad has showed up and showed out, all making it to graduation, with honors, and all off to college and doing great things. They are literally are “Doing it for Mushadi” and making everyone do it too. Despite all that has happened, they have stayed so strong through this past year.

So, on my second move in day, I didn’t sit around sad, wishing I was home. I worked hard at orientation because his full name means “one of courage protected in new beginnings,” and I used that to make sure no one I encountered had as bad of a move in day that I had the year before.