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When someone mentions the word LOVE, our minds always ponder to the idea of two individuals deeply affectionate for one another. We think about romantic chick flicks, or the pouring of materials gifts like chocolates, roses, stuffed animals, and so many other lovey-dovey items. Yet, the picture of loving ourselves almost never pops into our heads before any other types of affection. Why is that?

Relationships are such a beautiful experience. You meet someone who compliments you and your personality so well that you rarely ever want to leave their side, and after not seeing your significant other for so long, it feels like heaven on earth being with them. Though with every heartwarming relationship, comes it’s hardships. Disagreements, lying, insecurities. Every relationship has its faults, but the biggest relationship with faults is ourselves. Why is it that we seem to hide who we want to be to fit in with others, or if we show too much of ourselves we feel played or used? It seems like a lot of people go through self-doubt with themselves, and believe it or not, it damages the relationships we aspire to build with others. The relationship that we should look forward to is the one that will truly bring us serenity within our lives, and it begins with us.

What I recommend is to contemplate who you are, what you stand for, and how that makes you unique in today’s world. Give yourself about 5 minutes every day to meditate on what makes you, YOU! Another thing we tend to do in our lives is trying to forget the past, which hurts to look back at. Instead, embrace your past. Look at the accomplishments you achieved! Admire the nice things you’ve done for others, and recognize the triumphs and troubles you’ve gone through and how you have overcome them. Another thing I recommend is to take time in the morning, before doing your makeup, your hair, or even just washing your face to look at yourself. Admire the beautiful human being you are, and find one thing each day to compliment yourself on until you cannot stop smiling about the person you are.

Before we can find that tender love with another person that we all crave, find it within yourself to find the adoration for you, alone. Finding yourself can enhance every aspect of your life, whether it helps you become a better people person, or make you wear shining confidence when you walk into a room. Find compassion for yourself, and start loving you.


Hello and welcome!! I'm a History and Political Science major, I play lacrosse, and I am a writer for HerCampus Brenau! I love reading, coffee, new adventures, and all types of music! Follow me on Instagram: @brianasarggent
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