Love Makes The World Go Around

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They say money makes the world go around but I say otherwise. In my opinion, love will forever and always make the world go around. By saying that, money is not the only form of help. If someone who is homeless or less fortunate is in need of help, giving them money is not always the only solution. Some people either think by giving them money, it’ll contribute to whatever bad habit they have or by giving them no money at all is a better solution. Some people also take the time to take the person out to go get food or whatever they need but some always don’t have the time in the day to do that. Sometimes people just have to realize that it could be the simplest things that make the biggest difference. You could simple just be nice to someone and that’ll have a bigger impact than money. When you simply take the time to stop and talk to a homeless person or even someone else, you could make them feel not so isolated. Some people have no idea how it feels to walk around all day with people staring at you like you’re some type of bacterial infection or a harm on society. Some people don’t know that level of isolation and to be that isolated from people must make someone feel like “trash” or “worthless.” Instead of frowning upon someone who isn’t as privileged as you in life or doesn’t have it all, you could make eye-contact with them and let them know that someone loves them even if you don’t know the person at all. When you make someone feel loved who is usually treated as dirt, sometimes you could even be saving their lives. If someone is different from you, that doesn’t make them less human than you. They are human and they have feelings. You should always treat others as you want to be treated. Some people would rather receive emotions than money, therefore, fund their emotional bank account not their financial one. Love saves lives and that’s why the world is still spinning. You don’t have to wear tights and a cap to be a hero, just do something that everyone else is afraid to do. Be brave. Be kind. Be loving. Image result for love