Let's Talk About Silk Presses

Alright ladies!  It’s that time of year where the weather is not too humid that when you straighten your hair, it gets frizzy.  However, let's talk about the right way to get that salon silk press look at home. Here are seven easy steps to that great silk press:


Step 1: Shampoo 

Hair has this habit of becoming greasy.  So before you begin the process of silk pressing your hair, you must remove all dirt and oil from the hair. You should shampoo and srcup your hair at least twice to ensure that it is squeaky clean.


Step 2: Add Moisture

Next condition your hair with a moisture-based conditioner to help moisturise your hair.  Leave it in while you comb out your hair to make it easier to detangle after shampooing. Rinse well.


Step 3: Use Protection...please

Always use a heat protecting serum before applying heat to your hair to maximise protection


Step 4: Blow Dry Until Dry and Straight

Use a good brush and blow dryer that is strong enough to get your hair as straight as it can be through blow drying so that you can use less heat when flat ironing.  An easy way to do this is to part your hair and blow dry in sections.


Step 5: Flat iron

To get hair nice and straight, take small sections that are not wider than your pinky finger.  


Step 6: Maintain

You can wrap your hair and always sleep and shower with a head scarf.  To limit grease, only put hair food on your scalp and not your hair.