Let’s Talk About Parking


Brenau university does not have the best parking for students. Brenau being an open campus that limits the opportunity for students to find parking. At most state universities and larger campuses, they have different parking permits based on price. For example, there may be a general parking permit for a cheaper price than the designated lots parking permit. Here at Brenau, there is only one general parking permit for students, faculty and staff have their own.

During the weekdays at Brenau, especially between business hours, parking is a mess. Sometimes I’ll have to park on the other side of campus opposite my dorm due to there being no parking available. I drove around for 20 minutes one day looking for a parking spot; I eventually gave up and parked in an administration parking spot. Most dorms on campus do not have adequate parking or a designated area to park. Brenau constantly has events and such going on which limits parking even more. Sometimes I do not stay on campus because I can’t find anywhere to park especially when there is a show going on.

Now let's get to these tickets. When going to the dining hall the parking spots located in front of there is for visitors. This is an issue because the main complex does not have enough parking. So when an individual wants to drive to the dining hall for whatever reason they have to park on the street which is full most of the time. This leads to parking tickets constantly. Administration/faculty parking I understand but on the weekends they are not on campus. I don’t see why students are not allowed to utilize those empty spots when they are not being used. Tickets here are not cheap; each violation is $20 each. So parking in a visitor or administration parking spot is $20 and not having the right parking pass is another $20, it’s never just one violation.