How a Personality Test Changed the Way I'm Thinking About My Career



Taking a personality test can eye opening to a number of people. The two I took were Jung Typology Test and the SelfDirected Search Personality Test (SDS). My results from both tests felt typical since I already know what I want to do with my life. 


Nearly all personality tests I take suggest similar career paths: healthcare or educational/social services. The skills on the other hand vary and help me to understand why these professions are right for me. My two separate meetings with career professor, George Bagel were not as informational as I hoped. Going in, I already had a plan so I hoped to come out of these meetings with some adjustments or emphasis on a particular part of my plan. I already know to remain open to potential changes in my career path. I did not learn very new information about which profession I should pursue. However, I did learn new traits and skills I seem to possess. This part was helpful towards activities I will do around campus and volunteer positions I plan on obtaining.

Doing the Jung Typology Test assessments brought  various strengths and weaknesses to light. This personality test suggested that I have a strong work ethic, which I pride myself in. Being a pre-nursing major and working as a nurse in the future having a passionate work ethic is very necessary. Although I know I’ll continuously have to improve my work ethic, especially with the ever changing healthcare field. A weakness that variances with having a strong work ethic is the tendency to take on too much. I knew this weakness would appear due to past experiences. Possessing both the strength and weakness can be detrimental to one another. So I plan on working hard at a steady pace with a steady number of task which can be completed in the appropriate time frame. A strength that came as a surprise is strength at maintaining organization’s traditions and keeping track of its history. I have never paid much attention to this aspect of the working environment, but looking back I do tend to keep the historical ways alive and well. A weakness that I have is the desire to focus on details and the present rather than implications and the future. This weakness backfires to the strength of having the historical presence. I do not look forward to future changes I rather focus on what I have now or what I’ve already had. I plan on being more open minded towards change rather than detail of the present. 

From the SDS test I resulted in being a SIE: Social, Investigative, and Enterprising. Being listed as Social was not a surprising trait for me since I find fulfillment in helping whenever and wherever I can. While that part wasn’t strange, I thought the careers that fell under that category were strange. The top careers included: art therapy, counselor, dance therapy, education, instructional technology, martial arts, and music therapy. A nurse was in the careers list but further down than I would imagine. Investigative/thinker is not a typical trait I would describe myself as. Thinkers are drawn to challenges and are introspective. They’re also researchers and see themselves as scholarly, and I see myself as neither of these. Enterprising/persuader are adventurous and energetic. I am adventurous when it comes to traveling but not outdoors I am a more indoor person not one with nature. I do have the tendencies of being sociable, self-confident, and skilled in leadership. On campus I hold various leadership positions so all the traits listed before help with this area of my life. I am very good a being persuasive on topics I am comfortable with speaking on. I plan on using the SDS test to modify and perfect my workplace skills. I will also improve on my personal life these results by taking on positions that fall under my skill set.