Freshman Student Travels to America for First Time

“It was my ticket to America,” says Scottish freshman Erin Macinnes when asked about why she took the offer to Brenau.

When it comes to college, students may tend to look for a school as far away from their parents as possible, but generally, they aim to remain in the same country for the most part. Macinnes, on the other hand, went to the extreme end of the spectrum and has been spending her entire freshman year here in America at Brenau University. A freshman traveling outside of the country for a study abroad program with Brenau or studying at Brenau from a different country can be pretty rare.

Being able to come to America was a large factor in deciding whether or not to attend Brenau. “I almost turned it down because it was a women’s college,” says Macinnes, but because of the scholarship she had received, it was her primary ticket to America and away from Scotland.

When you are a mass communications major, you have many choices on what you wish to pursue and further enhance your knowledge of, but Macinnes has decided to take part in her own individual concentration. Film. After traveling to America and studying at Brenau, Macinnes’ career goals in life have greatly expanded. “I really don’t know what my career goals are at this time,” says Macinnes. “I want to go into film, but I also want to go into history and politics, but I also want to become a lawyer. It’s just widened my options” Macinnes continued.

Being far from family is hard, but Macinnes has exceeded all expectations. At the end of the semester, Macinnes will travel back to Scotland to be with her family, and her year of traveling all along America's east coast will come to an end.