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Freshman Class President: Katherine Fuller

Full Name: Katherine Fuller

Hometown: Ellerslie, Ga

Major: Double majoring in legal studies/conflict resolution and political science/history

What student organizations are you in?

SGA, Golden S.T.A.R. S., BAMALS, Phi Mu, and Student Leadership. I’m also a Brenau Scholar.

What made you want to run for class president?

I’ve always been super involved in leadership throughout high school, and I wanted to start off on a good foot here [by] getting involved in the Brenau community and [by] being able to represent my peers well. I think we have a powerful voice coming in as the freshman class and there’s a lot we can do to change Brenau and make a positive impact. I really wanted to take a step in the right direction and take the freshman class to a new mindset.

Do you think you’re going to be a part of SGA after this year?

Definitely. I definitely want to continue being a part of SGA. I’ve loved it. I love seeing that not only do we get to talk about things that are going on on campus, but we see our impact. Like with the straws!  I love that we have a voice and that we’re really creating the events that happen here.

Your mom graduated from Brenau and was also in Phi Mu. What’s it like to carry on that legacy?

It’s actually really great! Some days I’ll be walking around, wearing a Phi Mu sweatshirt she gave me and I’ll think “Wow, twenty years ago my mom walked in the same spot probably wearing the same sweatshirt,” and I’ll think about all that I get to share with her. I’m super excited to go through the process of being a Phi Mu and go through all the traditions at Brenau and reminisce with her. I know she’s really excited about May Day and certain events where she can remember her times here at Brenau and we can create new memories together.

What’s been your favorite part about being at Brenau so far?

I really haven’t had a least favorite part.  I’ve really enjoyed getting to make new friends. I love my sorority; they’re great. I think the best thing to me has been getting to know all the upperclassmen. Also working with admissions and getting to see the new students coming in and giving them tours and getting to know not only where Brenau is now and where Brenau’s been, but also where we’re going.

What do you like to do outside of school?

Outside of school and campus life, I love to hike and be outside anyway I can. I love to lie in my hammock.

What do you want to do after Brenau?

My plan right now is to graduate and go to law school, hopefully at Georgia State or University of Georgia, and maybe run for political office one day.

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