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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brenau chapter.

If you haven’t seen Fantastic Beasts yet, then you need to get out and watch it immediately. I personally believe that this is the best Harry Potter movie so far. The movie is so great because we don’t have a book to compare it to, so we aren’t going into this movie expecting to see certain scenes.

Newt Scamander is a precious little cinnamon roll who I will protect at all costs. He is a proud member of Hufflepuff and has traveled to America, hoping to travel to Arizona to release Frank the Thunderbird into the creature’s natural habitat. However, Newt’s Niffler escapes and breaks into a bank. Newt runs into a No-Maj (Muggle or Non-Magical) named Jacob after one of his creatures attacks him. Newt meets Tina and Queenie, the Goldstein sisters. Tina is also known as Porpentina Goldstein, who later becomes his wife (hopefully that will be in a later movie!). We also discover that Newt was expelled from Hogwarts because he took the blame from his best friend, Leta Lestrange, who released magical beasts loose in the castle. While in America, Newt discovers that No –Majs have been dying and that it is the work of a creature called Obscurus. Obscurus is an uncontrollable dark force that busts out and attacks, and then vanishes, often taking the form of a young child. We later discover that the child, Credence, is the Obscurus. Newt and Tina try to talk to and exert control over him, but they fail and Credence is “supposedly” killed. Head Auror Graves is stunned by the orders of the President and he is revealed to be *gasp* Grindelwald in disguise! There is so much Harry Potter information jam-packed in the film and you have to watch it a couple of times to truly grasp all of the intricate details.

His case full of magical creatures is stunningly beautiful and filled to the brim with creatures we have only heard about up until this point. We discover magical beasts like the Niffler, which literally can’t stop running away and stealing shiny jewels, leaving Newt in some sticky situations. We see glimpses of a Billywig, which Newt hides from Tina, stating that it’s just a moth (spoiler alert: it’s not a moth).  We are introduced to Picket the Bowtruckle, the tree-guardian that can always be found in Newt’s coat pocket and who Newt shows a little favoritism to. Dolly is the demiguise of the film and can be found walking around invisible in New York City after it escapes from Newt’s case. Not to mention the creatures like Frank, the giant Thunderbird, the Occamys, the Swooping Evil, and a slew more of magical creatures. My favorite part of the film? When Newt Scamander has to perform an Erumpet Mating Dance to capture an Erumpet back into its case (which doesn’t exactly work out so well). To watch the entire mating dance, you’ll have to watch it in theaters, but here’s an image of Eddie Redmayne teaching part of it to Jimmy Fallon.


I went to watch Fantastic Beasts and was shocked to see that the cinema we went to was almost deserted. There was a new Harry Potter movie – you would think that there would be more people, but there were only 4 other people watching the movie. I soon realized after having watched the movie that fans were worried if it would be another disaster like Cursed Child. Well fans, you have nothing to fear. The first few minutes were nothing but genuine feelings you get from watching Harry Potter. Being in the theater and watching this movie felt like coming home. It felt like we hadn’t waited nine years to see this film come out. Fantastic Beasts will truly blow your mind. If you want to talk about it, or discuss the finer details of the film, let me know and we can get deep into the film together.

Sommer Stockton is a sophomore at Brenau University and is majoring in Mass Communications. She believes she is the biggest Harry Potter fan of all time and loves to travel to new places. She loves chicken nuggets, frozen cokes and squirrels. Sommer is a proud Slytherin at heart.
My name is Kenya Hunter! I am a freshman at Brenau University as a Mass Communications major. My focus is journalism!