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Fall is coming…. Although it’s still 90 degrees outside it’s important for our on campus fashionista to prepare for the upcoming fall trends. These are the must have current fall trends.


Animal Print

These prints will add a great contrast to any fit. Snake print, leopard prints, zebra prints are all in style But remember always faux never real.


Industrial Jumpsuits

Warehouse worker meets everyday wear. You can style and accessorize these with any belt, hats, shoes, and or earring to set you outfit off.


Western Boots

Wild West meets modern day girl. Western style has made fashion and hot girl summer and seems like it will continue into fall.


Bucket Hats

Bucket hats make any outfit look super comfortable and chic.


Statement Earrings

These earpieces make any outfit pop. What makes these statement earrings is the unusual shape and color. Gold statement earrings are taking the fashion world by storm. So go grab your pair and rock with a cute fit!

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