The Craziest Brow Trends of 2017

We all know that brows are supposed to be sisters, not twins. Whenever a female does her makeup she will generally spend a decent amount of time on her brows so they do not come off as long distance cousins. After all, brows are the one thing that helps frame our faces, so why not focus on making them look good?

Brow trends change almost every year, but throughout 2017, the brow trends have been crazy. We no longer have just regular brows; we have wavy and braided brows. I know; crazy. This craze all started when one beauty blogger posted a selfie of her with feathered eyebrows and then the quest to come up with the funkiest eyebrow shape commenced. 

I understand that makeup is all about being able to express yourself, but are the crazy eyebrows really necessary? Eyebrows already take long enough to do normally, and beauty bloggers have even said that these crazy trends take even longer to do. Besides, wonky eyebrows just make the person look absurd. 

You might like that crazy insane look, but if I can be honest here, the crazy wavy and braided brow trends need to go. They look tacky; regardless they show off some awesome skills and patience, but they are hideous. Nobody should want to go out with worms on their face. Worms are not going to shape your face the way you want them too. Whatever went wrong with brows like Cara Delevingne's or Nina Dobrev's? We should be embracing our natural brow shape. At most, we should just be accentuating them. There is no reason to completely re-sculpt our brows. Want a higher arch one day? Go for it, but please do not put yourself through the hassle of creating an all new shape for your brows. So go ahead and embrace your natural brows. Let's come together and throw away these crazy brow trends come January 1.