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The community at Brenau University


When I first stepped on campus I wasn’t nervous, but, I felt out of place because everybody here either knew each other or were on the same team and I didn’t know anybody. The night of move-in day my R.A set up a hall meeting so everybody on my hall could meet each other, the girls on my hall were very welcoming and friendly. When classes started I met even more cool girls, they were funny, and I can relate to a lot of them. I’m not a big sorority person but when each sorority had their open house I fell in love with ADPI. The one thing I like about Brenau is the sisterhood because even though I have sisters at home we never had a special bond.

During my time here at Brenau, I hope to gain a better knowledge of sisterhood being the fact that me and my sisters don’t get along. To me, I feel that sisterhood is important because you will always need that one person to always rely on or maybe just vent to. For example, my friend Steniyah is the one person I grew a strong bond with because me and her go through the same problems but we’re always there for each other to solve them out. My roommate is another person I grew a close bond with because every night before we go to bed we will just talk about relationship problems and give each other advice.  All in all, being here at Brenau I’ve gained sisterhood with a lot of girls that I wouldn’t think to grow a bond with.

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