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Broken Friendships

We have all have friends that are considered best friends. But what happens when that friend lowkey makes not only racist comments but comments against the LGBT+ community and your opinions on the presidency, what do you do?

This happened to me starting two years ago. It was hard hearing from someone that I considered a friend that the, and I quote “the only reason I did not like the president was because I was black” and then that person tried to backtrack saying that they weren’t being racist at all. But that wasn’t the only reason I started to draw away from the friendship with this person. They also tended to make comments about those who were apart of the LBGT+ community and did the same thing trying to backtrack saying they had gay friends.

It is comments like those that made me drift away from the person that called me their best friend. The rift got even bigger when that same friend got a boyfriend and cared not for anyone else in their life. It had become nothing but him and his family and when confronted with hat and their actions, their hackles would rise and they became defensive. It was at this point that I cut all ties and went my own way.

The basis of my situation may be different from yours the result is still the same, the end of a friendship. When we find that one person we think we will be friends with even when college is done but find out it was not meant to be. It is hard to pill to swallow but it is still there, you can either move on and live with it and let it out in good ways or let it consume you. I chose to vent it out and let it go, I no longer see the person as my friend in any capacity and only talk to her when I have to. That chapter of my life is done.

What about you? Don’t take something laying down if you find something your ‘friend’ is saying to be offensive confront them about it and if they turn everything back on you its time to cut your losses and move on at least in my opinion.


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