The Best Kind of Love

Nines times out ten, you have heard the saying “Self-love is the best love” throughout your life. You have heard people stress about how important it is to love yourself before anybody else and to carry yourself how you want to be treated. When most people hear this, they think they have the idea of what self love is but they don’t have the slightest. Some people think that just by telling yourself “You look great today” or “You’re beautiful” is all it is. However, those are forms of self love but it’s more than that. Self-love is about appreciating yourself and knowing your worth. It’s about knowing who you are and accepting yourself even when no one else does. Self-love is waking up in the morning with the confidence that even if no one on this Earth does not love me, I love me. It’s about being able to say that with honesty and dignity. Self-love is when you will not allow another being to mistreat you or treat you like you’re worth less than what you are. It’s about holding your head up high even when society tells you that you don’t fit the part. If you don’t love yourself, then nobody will. You’ll be too busy trying to be accepted and loved by somebody else that you’ll forget about you and focus on everyone else. When you know you don’t need any extra accessories to your body or face to be beautiful, now that’s some self-love because it’s acceptance. Be your own kind of beautiful and love you for you. Be you for you and not anybody else in your life. When you start to understand that nobody has you like you have yourself, you’ll know why you should appreciate yourself on a higher level.  “Know your worth. Then add tax.”

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