The Beauty of Brenau

Everyone who attends Brenau University everyday has their own interpretation of its beauty. Rather its the school’s tradition, the historical campus, or even the arts within the university. But, my interpretation of Brenau's beauty are the people within it. Yes, it is true that you are not going to like everyone you meet and everyone you meet is not going to like you. But, at Brenau, I have truly come across many people who I love dearly.

The Beauty of Brenau are my friends, my professors, my advisers, the ladies who work in the tea room or the cafeteria, the people who I don’t know who hold the door open for me, the people who I’ve never seen before around the university who I may have just meet today, the sorority girls, etc.

The beauty I see in Brenau are all those people who are there to help you hold your head high even when you feel like there’s no more fight left in you. I see all the wonderful people in my department, Communications, who are dedicated in making us better students and making Brenau a better place.

The Beauty of Brenau are the struggles I face in trying to be a stronger student with my classmates. I see the beauty in senior thesis breaking me down to make me stronger. The beauty is Ian Peters stressing out all of his senior thesis students to make us stronger and better in the end. The beauty is crying with Charlene, Cierra, Nicole, and Marissa one night about how we don’t know how we're going to finish thesis and then weeks later passing with little to no revisions. The beauty is JClay never getting annoyed with emails or calls about my semester or life. The beauty is how you have someone like Ms. Von who is always there to push or support you. The beauty is walking out of class and seeing your friends smiling and talking under the cherry blossom tree.

The Beauty of Brenau is being able to sit back in a classroom while my classmates present their studies and thinking to myself “She’s going to be great one day.” It’s being able to see my girlfriend work hard in her studies and sports just to become the best her she can be.

It’s the beauty that’s kept me here for two years and counting. It’s the genuine “Thank yous” or “You look so pretty today” that’s given Brenau a special place in my heart.

So, the next time you enter the classroom thinking you don’t want to be there or you hold the door for someone, take a second to think of the beauty that moment at Brenau is offering you and take it in.