Another New Brow Trend?

Our brows frame our face, so we generally try to keep them polished. Over the last couple of months, our brows have fallen into the new makeup trends lifestyle. Last year, there were wavy brows and zig zag brows. Then we had Christmas trees and feathers. Now, we have brows that are fishtails. What?

Yes, the beauty world has come to the conclusion that our brows must look like fishtails to be considered "cool."

How is somebody supposed to recreate this daring look? Well, to create this one of a kind brow shape, start by gluing down the very end of the tail of your brow. You can then begin working on the main brow portion, the part that forms a devil horn. Follow your natural brow and continue to go straight up. Once the glued part of your brow is done, conceal it with either a matching concealer or foundation. Finally, finish off your natural brow shape, but leave a thin sliver between the horn and tail of your brow to create this fishy look.

Whatever happened to just filling in your natural brows? Why do you have to go and be so extra? Yes, you can have a pop somewhere in your makeup, but do you really have to go crazy with your brows? Your brows frame your face, so why not keep them looking normal? If you want part of your eyes to pop, go for a daring smoky eye look or slay a killer winged eyeliner look. There is no reason to go for these oddly shaped brows.

I understand if you really want to have a bold brow, and that is perfectly okay, but do you really need to do a crazy shape? Are your brows really worth the extra 20 minutes? Do you really have that much time on your hands to do something entirely crazy with your makeup? I personally do not have the time or the patience to go and do some insane looking brow to wear out in public. Brows already take forever when you just do them normally, so who is going to possibly come up with the idea to do something that has never been done before? Not me, that's for sure. But if you want to go ahead and attempt these creepy brows, you know how to, so you do you and I will do me and not attempt these brows.