6 Reasons Why Group Projects in College Suck

Once I graduated high school, the first thing I thought was “no more group projects”. I was wrong. Why are group projects so terrible? I’ll tell you why.

1. Somehow ONE person always ends up doing all the work. In high school, we use to call this person “the backpack”. Why? Because they carried the team to an A+.


2.      Nobody tells the professor about the slacker. Why is it so hard to tell the professor that one person has not showed up to any meetings, nor have they turned in their work?



3. Suddenly, everyone forgets how to communicate. No one knows anything. No one does anything. No one says anything. A group project is the equivalence of Fight Club in college.


4. You have trust issues, so you do everything, then cry about it later. You’ll be the first one to complain that you are doing everything, but you wouldn’t dare trust your group members with a task.

5.      When it’s a presentation based project, you have to answer all the questions. Not only do you know that you did everything, but now the whole class knows.


6.      When the person who did everything gets a lower grade than the other group members. Someone call the SWAT team please.

No matter what, group projects suck, but at least they make for funny stories. (They aren’t funny until you’re 70+)

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