5 Staples You NEED to Avoid Hypothermia This Semester

It has been a wonderful break! But the holidays are over and it’s time to get back to school. Going back to school after winter break can be very hard. It is no longer warm (it was 70 degrees on Christmas! Thanks El Nino) and winter is in full swing.

That means less motivation to walk to class and actually be apart of society, and more temptation to coupe up in your room under a heated blanket. But unfortunately if we want to be true collegiettes and earn our college degrees, we have to do it anyways. So here are 5 Staples to help you endure the winter breeze and get to class without hypothermia.

A Big Puffy Winter Coat

This is the ABSOLUTE essential to surviving this winter. You won’t make it past the door in just a hoodie. It is crucial to have a winter coat to prevent you from getting sick or getting others sick. Because we all know there is that one person who gets everyone .


A nice pair of boots.

Boots are not only for fashion purposes but also for comfort and warmth. I love my converse but they don’t save my feet from getting cold. I love putting on a nice pair of boots with fuzzy socks! Fuzzy socks make everything better anyways.

A pair of gloves.


Gloves are another crucial staple. My hands always get so cold and dry during the winter. Protect your hands so they don’t go numb. I know we all have felt that numb feeling you get when you cannot really feel if your hands are still there.

A Thick Scarf


A blanket scarf or a thick wool scarf is my favorite essential during the winter time. They add so much to your outfit yet they are so comfy and keep your neck and face warm. There is just something classy about when you put a scarf on with your outfit.

A comfy handband

Lastly, a cute and comfy headband. Headbands are better than ear muffs to me. They are comfy but work as a chic accessory. It is important to have something on your head to protect it. I mean who really likes chapped ears?

These essentials will definitely get you through the winter. And then spring will be here sooner than you think. Happy 2016! Enjoy Spring Semester and Stay Warm!