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5 Outfit Ideas for Fall

When you start to hear the sound of leaves under your shoes, when the trees start to strip themselves, and when girls start to wear UGGs…whoa, slow down there! You know when the weather is going from cold to hot and back to cold that Fall is fast approaching! These are the top 5 cutest outfits that you can easily rock around campus.


  1. Still have your shorts from the Summer? Just slide on some tights underneath them and a cute sweater, and you are ready for the day! This is a nice outfit that is effortless and comfy for class.
  2. Thigh high boots and skin tight jeans, that’s how you turn heads! This outfit is SUPER hot. Thigh high boots are shoes that can turn your jean and t-shirt outfit from tomboy to ohhh boy! This girl is killing it and you can, too.
  3. Who said jean on jean is a crime? If so, you are going to have to arrest me! Jean on jean is slowly coming back. This outfit screams Fall! It can be worn easily with sneakers or brown boots. And if you feel it’s needed, the hat is a nice touch! You go girl.
  4. Skirts can quickly be turned into Fall attire with the help of tights (just like the shorts)! If you take basic skirts and dress them up with stylish tights and a leather jacket, you are ready for the perfect date night! I also loooooove the color of this skirt. I can hear the leaves just by looking at it!
  5. Jean dresses are so cute!!! This girl is rocking everything with this dress. If you get an oversized jean shirt, you can always tighten it around the waist with a belt. Roll the sleeves up and slide on your favorite boots, and you have a totally awesome Fall outfit!
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