5 Books Everyone Should Read

There is nothing quite like opening a new book. The feel of the cover, and the smell of pages evoke feelings of wonder and happiness. Every page, whether it be 99 or 1,000, contain a world that helps you escape reality. I know, I know, cliches all around, but I really love reading. The hard part is finding good books to read. So here is a list of my top five books that I think everyone should read.

1) A Little Life, by Hanaya Hanagihara

     This book follows the lives of four college friends as they make their way through life. It goes from college to old age. Their friendships change and grow through the years. This book has been described the me as cleansing and I would agree with that. There were many late nights that I was up bawling my eyes out.

2)  The Secret History, by Donna Tartt

The Secret History is an underrated “coming of age” novel. Publish in 1992, this book is about a young man who comes to a college in hopes of getting away from his hometown (typical “coming of age” material). When he arrives, he meets a small group of people and a professor that change his life drastically.

3) Identical, by Ellen Hopkins

Ellen Hopkins writes her books in poetry form and creates interesting shapes with her paragraphs. This book is the only YA books I included in this list. The themes that are mentioned are very mature however, and I feel like this is one of Ellen’s best books. This book follows a set of twins that are trying to understand their dysfunctional family.

4)  Go Set A Watchman, by Harper Lee

This story is set after To Kill A Mockingbird. Scout is coming home for the weekend, and finds out how much Maycomb has changed while in the midst of the civil rights battle. I grew up on To Kill A Mockingbird and this story really captured me. It’s an amazing stand alone novel as well, but to understand the depth behind a lot of the scenarios you should probably read TKAM first.

5) Not That Kind of Girl, by Lena Dunham

Not That Kind of Girl is a collection of essays that Lena Dunham wrote about experiences she's had throughout her life. This book has sparked some controversy. Lena Dunham has been an influential person in creating who I am today. Without the T.V. show, Girls, I would be a different person. I read her book and laughed out loud. There are a few things that are questionable, but I enjoyed the majority of this book.