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Name: Zelle Rettman
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Majors: Sociology & Film 

HC: We saw you sporting a bright orange shirt this past week. Tell us about your OL experience!
Being an OL was really exhausting but definitely worth it. I really liked my group of first-years and get SO excited when I see them walking around now campus. My experience as an OL really made me appreciate the other OLs and those before me. I literally had to be excited and enthusiastic all the time. When I felt tired or burnt out, I fed off of the energy of those around me.

HC: What inspired you to be an OL? Do you have any standout memories from your own orientation?
I wanted to be an OL because I remember what it was like for me being a first-year and not really knowing the ropes of Brandeis. I wanted to be able to share with the incoming first-years all the information that I know about Brandeis. Of course, it also helps that I love Brandeis so I wanted to pass my enthusiasm on to them.

When I was a mid-year I loved my OL. His name was Tom Coughlin and he really showed me that being an OL didn’t stop when orientation ended. Throughout the semester he was always there for me if I needed him for anything, even if it was a ride to Walgreens to buy snacks or something.

HC: A little birdie told us you’re also involved with a pretty cool on-campus organization called STAR (Students Talking About Relationships). What role do you play within the group?

Being a part of STAR has been an amazing experience. I joined because I wanted a way to give back to the community that I love so much and the intense training we go through is so valuable in every day life. I have worked as a peer councellor for a year and am also one of the new head Co-Coordinators of the organization. STAR’s success is a group effort and I work with a fantastic E-Board as well as fantastic counselors. Together we go through nearly 40 hours of training, hold office hours for a total of 38 hours a week, run several events throughout the semester and more. My role in all of this is to not only ensure sure that everything runs smoothly but also to be an active participant.

HC: Do you often give advice to your own friends because of the training you’ve received through STAR?

Giving advice during office hours and giving advice to my friends is very different. That being said, the training I get in STAR helps me to be more aware of how I am an active listener and helps me to be more sensitive to different people’s experiences.

HC: Did your film major influence your decision to work in the Getz Media Lab?

In a way, yes. I stayed at Brandeis during the summer of 2011 for the Film JBS (Justice Brandeis Semester) and one of my professors was Mark Dellelo. You can imagine that with only 10 program participants and 2 professors we all became really close. When I returned to Brandeis for the fall, I needed a job and attended the job fair. I saw Mark sitting at a table next to LTS (Library and Technology Services), so I went over to say “hi” but had no intension of applying because LTS fixes computers, which I cannot do. However, Mark insisted that I apply to work in Getz, which, I now know, is very different than the LTS desk on the 1st floor.

HC: What are some of your responsibilities in the lab on a daily basis?

In Getz, each staff member is specialized in one of our media software programs. Last semester mine was LiveType, which is a word animation software. Other responsibilities include having a basic knowledge of our most popular programs like Final Cut Pro and Photoshop. We also rent out audio and visual equipment.

HC: What do you like to do for fun?

Double majoring and double minoring doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for free time haha. But I really like sports so I joined Banshee (the women’s ultimate frizbee team) and I also play intramural basketball and volleyball. Additionally, I like to sing on occasion but it is generally just an in-the-shower activity or with the radio. Other than that I enjoy hanging out with friends and grabbing some food. I LOVE FOOD.

HC: What is your favorite movie?

Favorite movie is tough… I can tell you my favorite movie of the summer! It is called “The Intouchables.” It is a French film. The IMDB description says: “After he becomes a quadriplegic from a paragliding accident, an aristocrat hires a young man from the projects to be his caretaker.” The description really doesn’t do it justice. It had me laughing and crying, which I always think is good. I highly recommend it to everyone.

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