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Zachary Marlin ‘16

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Year: 2016

Her Campus: So, Zach, what have you gotten involved in since your start at Brandeis?
Zachary Marlin: I’ve been doing a lot since I got here, actually. I participated in the 24-hour musical that was so much fun, and I just joined the a cappella group Starving Artists. I am in a production of Into the Woods, and I am also a sports writer for the justice.

HC: Wow, that’s quite a bit! It’s great to see how much fun you’ve been having with music and theatre. Tell me about joining Starving Artists!
ZM: It’s so fun, everyone is so amazing and so talented and I’m honored to be part of such a great group of people. Also, we have our first concert coming up on October 7th at Faneuil Hall in Boston, which should be great!

HC: What’s your favorite song that you guys sing?
ZM: “Proud” I don’t remember who it’s by but it’s so good!

HC: What’s special about this production of Into the Woods?
ZM: It’s actually going to be IN the woods. It’s free, during Fall Fest and it’s going to be in the woods near IBS. I’ve had a blast rehearsing for the show and I’m definitely excited for the performances to start.

HC: What’s the best thing about being able to live on your own here at Brandeis?
ZM: First of all, everyone I’ve met is so amazing and I love hanging out, and also being able to set my own schedule and not having to rely on anyone else for scheduling purposes is definitely a plus.

HC: What’s one school essential you can’t live without?
ZM: I bought a lot of crystal lite peach iced tea packets, which I love.

HC: I know you’ve been here for only a month, but what’s one thing you hope to accomplish before you graduate Brandeis?
ZM: I really hope to direct my own show one day. I feel like that would be so rewarding because I’m really into all of the different aspects of theatre so I like to see it from all sides.

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