YouTube Videos for Every Mood

Sometimes you just need to feel a certain way or need to vent some emotions and when a t.v. show or a movie sound like too much of a commitment, you can always turn to YouTube. The following is a list of Youtube Videos to Watch for every mood!

When you want to laugh: Vine Compilations

Although the Vine app is no longer around, its memories lives on in these hilarious compilations that’ll have you splitting at the sides laughing for hours.

When you need to cry: Surprise Pregnancy Announcements

Maybe it's the sheer joy on these peoples faces or the excitement of a new baby, but something about these heartwarming videos never fails to bring tears to the eyes.​

When you’re feeling just a little extra ~Judgemental~: America's Got Talent Bad Auditions

Especially when contestants are particularly angry or enraged at the out some of their audition, there's just something undeniably satisfying about watching the judges tell them what's what.

When you just really need to be happy: Cute Dog Videos

They’re dogs. Enough Said.​