Why People Love/Miss Their Pet


I miss cuddling with my dog whenever the weather is bad or I'm just not having a great day. She always knows how to brighten my day.


I miss coming home and seeing how excited he is to see me. He can make any bad day ten times better!


I especially miss him on rainy days when all I want is a cup of tea and a snuggle!



I love Shiloh because she cuddles me when I’m sad.



Two words...tummy rubs.



I miss my dog’s hugs and him waking me up every morning instead of an alarm clock.


BILLY (aka Pooder Man)

Whenever I would get home from school in high school my cat would be waiting at the door for me. As soon as he would see me walk through the door he would purr and head boop me like crazy. I miss having that to come home to after a long day.