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Why is everyone so mad about “Mad Men?”

Ever since I can remember, I have been OBSESSED with Mad Men. Maybe it has something to do with my insatiable interest in advertising or maybe I can’t quite let go of the nipped-waist, full skirts and the bright red lipstick that Betty Draper always wears. Even though the show is in its fifth season, I still find a lot of people who know little or nothing about it, which comes as a surprise to me since Mad Men is a way of life for me.

For those of you who are looking for a gripping drama to help you procrastinate or pass the time over April Break, Mad Men is definitely the one to see. As a period drama, Mad Men examines the workings of the advertising industry in New York City in the 1960s. Though you should leave some room for fiction reserved for television, the show does offer some insight into what life was like 50 years ago – everything for the types of products that were popular to 1960s fashion (who doesn’t love that?). It is also one of the few shows on television today that depicts women as empowered.

As you can imagine, this show is filled with sex, relationships, witty and sarcastic humor, and everything advertising. The show centers around the mysterious, arrogant, and cynical Don Draper, a partner at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, who carries himself with a sexual suave which brings most women at his firm to their knees. Hidden between the advertising campaigns of Draper’s firm, the viewer learns about the personal lives of the creatives, executives, and women present in Draper’s life such as Burt Cooper, Peter Campbell, Betty Draper, and Peggy Olsen.

The storyline is so enticing that it has made the show popular even outside the television arena. If you get the chance to step into a Banana Republic, you will find Mad Men inspired apparel that is perfect for any job interview or internship.

Winner of four Golden Globes and four Emmy awards, Mad Men has received critical acclaim and positive reviews from all who have seen it. All four seasons are on Netflix, so you should purge your friend’s account to get a peek of this fantastic show and get some great fashion inspiration from the costumes. The new episode is on amc.com and you can catch episode two of Season 5 on AMC at 10 PM. I have to warn you, after you see the first episode, you will be hooked.

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