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White Fur: A Novel

I’ve spent the past four months tucked in my dorm, combing through history textbooks and old books of literature from the greats, and while these texts have been nothing short of interesting, I’m in the mood for a bit of lighter reading as summer draws near. As I was thinking about which over-the-top, infectious and intoxicating romance novel I should read first, I was thrilled to find in my hands an advanced copy of Jardine Libaire’s novel, “White Fur,” courtesy of Her Campus (Is it just me, or do the copies smell like they’ve been sprayed with perfume? Nice move).

“White Fur” follows the ill-fated couple of Elise Perez, a street-smart girl from the projects who never finished high school, and Jamey Hyde, a wealthy student at Yale who comes from NYC elite, as they leave behind their (vastly different) lives in New Haven, Connecticut, to pursue a life together in the Big Apple circa 1986. Quickly, the couple is thrust into a whirlwind of highs and lows; one minute the two are nestled in the upper crust of New York Society, traipsing through yatch clubs and mansions, and the next they are struggling through the grit of the city, wandering through city dives and dangerous neighborhoods. Their love is lustful, exhilarating, and, at times, even dark and dirty, making this book the perfect summer fling.

Interested? You can grab a copy for yourself when the book hits stands on May 30th. Happy reading!

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