What The Office Got Right (Spoilers Ahead!!)


1. Interpersonal relationships are the most important part of life.

Despite being a show about a company, the camera captures the daily, be it mundane, lives of those working in one. The show highlights the highs and lows of those trying to succeed and make connections in Scranton, Pennsylvania of all places. jumping the office GIF by NBC


2. No matter how quirky you are, you’ll find people who genuinely like you.

The boss, Michael Scott, is known for his unorthodox managing skills due to the fact that his underlying goal is to be as well-liked as possible rather than be a good manager. However, his trying too hard to be likable backfires and leaves everyone shocked at his incompetence. That being said, Michael finds and ends up marrying the new HR employee, who is as dorky as he is.

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3. Good things take time

Jim Halpert is the epitome of this proverb. As we watch his journey throughout the almost-decade-long show, we see him grow professionally and otherwise. He starts off the series unhappy with his sales job and infatuated with the engaged receptionist, Pam Beesly. She breaks off her engagement and shortly after, he ends his own relationship, resulting in the birth of one of TV’s famous couples. By the end of the show, they have two children and Jim finds himself at a job that combined his true passion with his career knowledge: sports and marketing.


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4. It’s always important to be honest with yourself at the end of the day.

Pam begins the series engaged to another company employee who didn’t take into account her feelings most of the time. Though she definitely felt something for Jim, she stayed in the relationship due to convenience and settled. Finally, she got the courage to break off the engagement. But, she could’ve been a lot happier earlier on if she had that courage to realize she deserved better.

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5. The beauty in the mundane

As Pam says in the final lines of the series, “there’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things; isn’t that kind of the point?” Though the documentary was about the lives of people who worked at a paper company in Scranton of all places, there is something special about the way they interacted with one another and by the end, each had found his place doing something he enjoyed. They started off coworkers and were a family by the end.


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