What Her Campus Brandeis is Doing Over Break

Happy April vacation everybody! We hope you are enjoying this week off from school and using it to relax (and possibily prepare) before finals season and the end of the year hits us. Here at Her Campus Brandeis we've had a very busy semester, so we decided to share with you what we are doing on this much-needed vacation. 

Emily Reich: Since no school except Brandeis has a break this week, and I won’t be able to spend time with friends, this break will probably be filled with Netflix, reading, and trying to get started on some finals prep. I’ll also be trying to spend as much time as I can outside because I think spring is finally here!

Heather DeNoble: I will be spending break at home, relaxing and enjoying time with my family! The majority of my final papers and projects are due on the last day of classes, so this break will definitely be full of work, but I hope to also catch up on some sleep and TV. I also will be giving some tours for the Office of Admissions while the weather is so beautiful!

Melissa Birnhak: I plan on spending my week with family and (somewhat) good Kosher for Passover food! I always look forward to the Seders at my house, where my very large family crowds around to read the Passover story followed by some yummy food that we all chip in to make! I also will spend some time writing up some final essays and studying for my final exams. Overall, I am excited for my break from school.

Dylan Corn: I will be spending my April break back home in NYC. I am looking forward to spending time, cooking, and eating with my family during the first two nights of Passover. Then two of my friends from Brandeis will be visiting. I love showing friends my favorite spots in New York, mostly food places. We’ll see how long I stay Kosher for Passover! I will also be working at my Cantor’s one woman show. I’ve been helping her with social media and I will be working the front of the house later in the week. I will try to set aside some time to begin preparation for finals, but we’ll see if that happens.

Brittany Wolfe: I’ll be home in New York! While it’s no Cancun or Cabo, I’m beyond excited to spend time with family, enjoy the festivities that Passover brings, spend plenty of time outdoors, and of course prepare for the impending finals. At the top of my spring break to-do list is a picnic in Central Park! Oh and I’d also love to try making guacamole from scratch.

Courtney Garvey: I am going to pretend that it’s already summer, which will be easy because I’m headed to Cape Cod for the break. My plans include reading by the beach, laughing (a lot) with my friends, and eating some fresh not-dining hall food. Catching up on sleep (and TV shows…) also ranks high on my priority list.

Becca Wiser: This vacation, I’m going to make tons of smoothies (it’s already 85 degrees at home in Florida), chill at the beach, spend time with my family, do a little bit (not too much) of school work, run outside, and take in the beauty of April break!