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Way to Take Take Time For Yourself During Finals

Final snz is here and amidst the packing, studying and finals preps we often forget to take care of ourselves. Here are some ways to pamper yourself that don’t take too long but are great for a quick break and refreshment. Don’t forget self care is important!!!

  1. Do a face mask

This is an easy and quick way to instantly feel relaxed without wasting too much time. It also a great way to hydrate the skin after all the studying. Get together with your friends and have a self care night with great music and then get back to studying feeling ten times more refreshed!!

  1. Go for a nature walk, alone or with some friends

With spring FINALLY here, campus is starting to look pretty. Go alone or with some friends for a walk in the woods just to get out of your study place!! This is a quick and great way to get your mind off work and a chance to get some fresh air.

  1. Go to the gym/ workout

The idea of working out sucks, but going to the gym or just sweating it out for sometime will make you feel so much better. Releasing those endorphins will increase your productivity and you’ll work better.

  1. Make use of the final snz perks we get at Brandeis

There are food vans around campus. Animals in the library and fun hall events organized by our lovely CA’s to beat the final stress. Take advantage of this!!!

  1. Just take some time out, treat yourself to a good meal, watch a movie

Just take a break!! We tend to get so overwhelmed with the finals but it is important to take small breaks and a step back to clear your head. This will increase productivity and is a much better way to handle stress.​


GOODLUCK!! So close to being done!


Sakinah Master

Brandeis '21

Sakinah is Senior at Brandeis University persuring a degree in Psychology and Public Health. She is from Mumbai (India) and hopes to make a change in the field of mental health in her hometown one day! 
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