Way to Enjoy the End of the School Year Amidst Finals

Finals szn during the second semester is easily one of the busiest times for college students due to classes ending, moving out, graduation for some, prepping for summer internships or jobs, and of course final tests, papers, and projects. Despite having a million and one things to do, it is also the last time you’ll be able to hang with your college friends for a couple months so here are some fun ways to have one last hurrah before leaving campus and still leaving plenty of time to put in #work to finish the semester strong!

Grab a Meal Together(PC: http://www.businessinsider.com/college-campus-dining-halls-shockingly-ex...)

Despite hitting the books for a week straight, eating isn’t (read as: shouldn’t be) one of the things to cut out of your normal schedule. Use these as full study break opportunities and meet up with friends at the dining hall, take a lyft off campus, or even just refill your coffee. With so many different options for food, this is a convenient way to see people in between tests or outlining chapters in your study guide.


Do That One Thing You Have Been Saying You Were Gonna Do All Year (Pc: https://www.boston.com/culture/food/2018/03/26/magnolia-bakery-is-offici...)

Being so close to Boston, nature trails, and the ocean there are lots of things to do and you have probably been talking about exploring something or adventuring somewhere all year. Plan out your studying so that you have half day free over the weekend and grab your friends and just do it ( thanks Nike)! When you go home for the summer, you’ll have tons of pictures and fun memories to look back on, tell your friends from home about, and you’ll be excited for more adventuring in the fall. Last year I ran the freedom trail and tried clam chowder for the first time and it is still one of my favorite days from my first year of school. This year I want to hit up the new Magnolia Bakery before flying back home.


Switch Up Your Schedule (PC: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/529173024938120834/)

Often with classes, club meetings, sports practices, and other weekly activities you may find yourself in a pretty set routine but with Finals szn any normal schedule gets thrown out the window starting with the midnight buffet. Maybe all your friends have finals after 1 pm one day? Take advantage of this odd timing and go on a late night iHop run or have a super late night movie night. It’s the best of both worlds getting in all your studying for the day and getting time to kickback.


Prep for Summer Together(PC: https://www.tcu360.com/story/15558tcu-students-enjoy-private-shopping-ta...)

Going on vacation right after school gets out? Starting work a hot sec after your last final? Grab a friend and run errands together to get ready for whatever your summer holds. Plus having an extra opinion of what actually counts as business attire (no sweatpants cannot be dressed up that much) or if that fifth bikini is one too many bikinis will be super helpful even if a tad brutally honest.


Study Together​(PC: https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-26227820-stock-footage-three-you...)

Sometimes schedules are just actually the worst. If you and a friend cannot seem to line up any free time together, stake out a table or sunny grass patch and spend time studying and preparing for tests together. Although you both are busy you’ll appreciate being in their presence before leaving for home.