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Waltham on a Budget: How to eat your way through Moody Street without spending all your money

We all know the feeling: You want to order food or go out to eat, but you just can’t justify spending more money when you already have a meal plan. Worry no more—here are some great restaurants, with some great deals, all right in Waltham. Eat up!

Deal: Buy one entrée, get the second one free with two college IDs.
Recommendation: I recommend the taco salad! It is absolutely delicious and can be made veggie, chicken, or beef. It comes in one of those HUGE taco shell bowls, and I almost never eat it all!

Baan Thai
Deal: Check http://www.baanthaiwaltham.com/specials.aspx to see weekly discount codes. They also give a 10% off discount to Brandeis students. Make sure to bring your Brandeis I.D. if you eat at the restaurant. 
Recommendation: Pineapple fried rice! Fried rice is a classic, but pineapple fried rice has a little twist. It has both raisins and pineapples mixed in, which makes it sweet and savory at the same time!

Watch City Brewing Company
Deal: Join the Mug Club, and get lots of discounts: http://watchcitybrew.com/mug-club/.
Recommendations: For food, I recommend the pesto chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries. Watch City is also known for its beer, which is brewed right there. They have a sampler of four kinds of beer, 6 ounces each. The price is just a little bit over the price for a regular beer, but you’re getting 1.5 times as much beer. Plus, this allows you to decide which beer to choose next!

Sushi Box
Recommendation: Although I am unaware of any deals at Sushi Box, this place is great. They have any type of sushi/Asian food you can imagine. I am not a big fan of sushi, so this is a great place for my sushi-loving friends and me to go to together! Specifically, I love the chicken stir-fry. It has the best sauce ever!

Asian Grill
Deal: Half-price Sushi with a minimum of $10 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays!
Recommendation: I have never been here myself, but I hear they have good sweet potato sushi!

Domino’s Pizza
Deal: Domino’s is always running some kind of special. Check their website (www.dominos.com) for more details! Domino’s is often forgotten, because it is a chain, but let me tell you—it is always good and always consistent!
Recommendation: Order online! You get to use their tracker, which keeps you up-to-date on where your pizza is. Also, this place is open to deliver till 1 a.m.!

Joe Sent Me
Deal: Not just for Brandeis Bar Night on Wednesdays, Joe Sent Me has half-price apps on Tuesdays from 5 to 7 p.m.
Recommendation: Looking for beer on a budget? They have $2 beers! Also, check out their fish bowls, which are amazing to split with a friend. It is like three or four drinks for 19 bucks!

Carl’s Steaks
Deal: The subs here are the biggest I have ever seen! A small (which is about a foot long) is between $6 and $7, and a large (HUGE) is only $1 more.
Recommendation: The chicken stir-fry sandwich is delicious. Plan on either splitting it with a friend or saving half for dinner—otherwise you’ll be in a food coma. 

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