Victoria Jonas '15

: Sudbury, MA
Class Year: 2015
Major/Minor: Majors in Psychology and Women's and Gender Studies

Her Campus: What extracurricular activites are you involved in on campus?
Victoria Jonas: I'm on e-board for the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, a member of Sigma Delta Tau sorority, I'm involved in a local internship in domestic violence service work and I'm part of the Student-Scholar Program internship with the Women's Studies Research Center here at Brandeis.

HC: Wow that's a lot! Tell us about your favorite activity and how you got involved in it.
VJ: My favorite extracurricular activity is FMLA, or the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance. Our club works towards empowering Brandeis students (and feminists of all genders, races and backgrounds!) to unite around issues which affect women worldwide and to support one another locally-- all the members are super cool and I've made some great friends through the club. Come to meetings: Mondays from 8-9 pm in Room 324 of the SCC!

Alsooo, everyone should come to one of our biggest and best semester events, Love Your Body Day, on October 26th in the SCC atrium from 12-4!

HC: We'll add it to our calendars! Tell us a little more about being part of Brandeis greek life. What made you want to join a sorority? How has the experience been for you thus far?
VJ: I'm a member of Sigma Delta Tau sorority and it has been a great experience thus far! I love all my sisters and Greek life at Brandeis, though small, is such a vibrant, fun community of which I am lucky to be a part.

HC: You're involved in a lot outside of classes, but let's hear about academics. How did you become interested in your major/minors?
VJ: I've always wanted to pursue both psychology and women's studies-- taking classes at Brandeis my first couple semesters only made me more interested. 

Fast Four
Favorite movie/TV show: Wedding Crashers and 50 First Dates/Girls
Favorite food to eat on campus: the sandwich and omelette stations in Usdan aren't too bad.
Best place to meet new people on campus: Einsteins, for sure! Or the green room in the library.
Best class you've taken at Brandeis: I took Abnormal Psychology with Ellen Wright last spring and loved it!