The Undeniable Top Three Yummiest J.P. Licks Monthly Flavors: December Edition

The weather is cooling down and the schoolwork is heating up, and for us, that only means one thing: MORE ICE CREAM! And all the more so if it comes from our favorite Bostonian ice cream store...JP Licks!

We’re extremely pleased to present to you, after much investigation, this month’s flavor reviews! And, even more, exciting is featured HerCampus Brandeis writer Gavi Klein who we ran into at the store and helped us rate the flavors this month. Thanks, Gavi!! And as always, special thanks to the wonderful servers at JP Licks for their extreme amount of patience with us trying SO MANY flavors.

**Descriptions of the ice cream were taken from the JP Licks website,***


#3) Gingersnap Molasses - “Molasses ice cream with chunks of gingersnap cookies.”

We’ll be honest with you, we were a little bit hesitant to try this flavor. Gingersnap molasses? But we were pleasantly surprised by it’s warm, cookie-like flavor. It is not the tamest flavor out there and is definitely accompanied with a strong dose of ginger, but for you gingerbread lovers out there, this flavor is right up your alley!

#2) Frozen Hot Chocolate - “Our Award-Winning hot chocolate mix added straight into our ice cream, along with plenty of mini marshmallows!”

This flavor is definitely worthy of making the favorite list this month.  It’s the perfect winter treat that will remind you of a nice steamy cup of hot cocoa with all the awesomeness of ice cream--what a win!!!  We know, we know, this flavor sounds like it just might be a misnomer for chocolate ice cream with marshmallows inside, but we promise it is not!! In the typical fashion of JP Lick's magic, this flavor really has a hot cocoa-ey taste. Get ready to curl up with a nice book, fuzzy blanket, and a scoop of this frozen hot chocolate ice cream this December.

# 1) The Grinch's Candy Cane - “In collaboration with the Boch Center's How The Grinch Stole Christmas, we took our classic peppermint ice cream with candy cane pieces and turned it green just like The Grinch!”

We have two words to describe this ice cream. BRIGHT GREEN. Not a mild pistachio green, not forest green. We mean a neon green that’s reminiscent of The Grinch. And one other word too, DELICIOUS. While the color was a bit off-putting, this flavor brought holiday spirit to the next level by being creamy, sweet, and minty. It was much less toothpaste-y than typical mint-chocolate chip, and instead, it just tasted like frozen candy canes done right. Definitely, a recommended way to get into the holiday spirit! Plus, some fun pictures with bright green ice cream never hurt anyone’s insta :) (And, if you’re not in the mood to eat something that looks like it came out of a sci-fi movie, they’re also offering boring and regular but equally delicious candy cane ice cream this month. )

So gear up in all your winter apparel and get going to eat some frozen food!