Trizzy Tré the Rapper Takes the Scene

New to the rap music scene at Brandeis, TréAllen Warner is a first-year student from Minneapolis, MN, who has been rapping for four years and goes by the stage name Trizzy Tré, the Rapper.

On September 29, 2018, Trizzy Tré collaborated with Basement Records for a performance at the Stein. This was a highly anticipated performance and for all of those who attended, I think we can agree that it was a very exciting show. Deserving of recognition, I have decided to interview him to shed light on this upcoming artist’s ambitions to the rest of Brandeis.

Her Campus: When did you know that you were going to be putting on a performance at the Stein and how did you feel about it?

Trizzy Tré: I knew I was going to be performing around early September and I figured that I would be on a lifted stage, but that wasn’t how it worked out *laughs* everything worked out well anyways.  I was excited and I started putting in work to get ready for the performance.

HC: How did you feel during your performance?

TT: I felt hyped about the whole thing. Just being on that stage, I was nervous at first, just freestyling during the cipher with Bethel and Stone and the rest of the Basement rappers. I was definitely hype about that. But at the same time, freestyling can go a lot of ways so I was pretty nervous. The people have been complimenting me on the freestyling and from me watching back the performance, it looks like it went pretty dope.

The whole performance was great. I was turnt up just rapping with my homies Jon and Alex and working off of the audience’s energy.

HC: What was your favorite part of the performance?

TT: So “Phone Calls” was the last song we did that night, and it was a total banger. It was definitely the best part of the night. I told the audience I had one more song to perform for the night and they all started cheering, “Phone Calls!” Once the song started, the audience went insane and I was happy to hear the audience engaging. People were singing along to the hook and that was pretty dope to hear, but I was surprised that people actually caught onto the verses from the song. I was just running off of the audience’s energy. It was hella dope.

HC: What are your hopes for your future performances?

TT: I’m just hoping for more performances and I’m hoping to make it more lit every single time. I also want some moments to rap on some real things to me, ya know? I’ve got some songs about more real situations in my life. It was great introducing them to Trizzy Tré, the Rapper, but Tré Warner deals with emotional pain, trauma, and fears. I have songs about love, about the passing of a close friend, gang violence back in my hometown, my future son, and a fear of death that exists solely from me being a black man in America coming from the impoverished community of North Minneapolis. I want them to know who Tré Warner is, and I want them to know through my music.

HC: As we wrap up this interview, what are some things that you want your fellow mates at Brandeis to know about you?

TT: I want people on campus to know that I’m trying to be “top dog”. In hip-hop culture, it’s always been a thing that rappers want to prove themselves to be the best at the craft. I’m not immune to that want. At the same time, I want people to know that I still want to see our music scene grow. Especially the hip-hop scene. We’ve got some dope artists on campus and I want to see them all shine. Alex Flaxman is my close friend and producer. We make music together, so when I shine, I wanna make sure that he’s shining right beside me. But overall, I would love for people to know me as an artist in and outside of campus.

Tré has already begun making quite an impression of himself with already having earned a National Gold Medal and American Voices Award from Scholastic, making him a renowned nationally-awarded artist. Eager to push limits past to no point of return, however, Trizzy Tré, the Rapper is an upcoming talent that Brandeis is sure to want to keep an eye out for.