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Trevor Tuplin ’16

Year: 2016

Major: Economics

Relationship Status: Taken

Hometown: Weymouth, MA

Her Campus: What are you involved with on campus?

Trevor Tuplin: Coordinator of Orientation, member of Microfinance Global Brigades, members of Men’s Track and field team and a reunion liason

HC: Tell me about your experience in Liquid Latex.

TT: Oh my gosh, it was so much fun. First a small backstory: I was added two weeks before – I was approached and said yes because everyone should do it. I was most nervous about the shaving but I am comfortable with myself and it was so much fun. The group I was in was great. Being on stage naked was so much fun.

HC: What made you decide to do it?

TT: Everyone talks about their Brandeis Bucket list and that it’s on it.  I wasn’t going to do it until next year but when offered the chance I took it. I’ve always wanted to perform on stage and this was a great opportunity. I do not regret it at all and I can’t wait to do it again!

HC: Tell me about your experience on the Orientation CORE Committee so far.

TT: Oh my god, I love it.  It’s very scary at first because it’s five different personalities and I thought we are going to clash, but we all understand the demands of the position and it’s going much better than anticipated. I know we are going to achieve a lot based on our group dynamic so far.

HC: What are you most excited for about orientation?

TT: Right now we are starting with the little details and simple ideas.  I’m excited to see what they evolve into and what they create. A lot of the programs are starting from scratch and new so I am excited to see what they create and what the first years think!

HC: What are you most nervous for?

TT: I’m most nervous about taking on the more technological part because I am not that good with videos and cameras.  Also, the amount of time I will need to put in.  I’m worried it’s going to take a chunk of time so that I won’t be able to help the other members. I’m worried how busy I am will effect how much I can help the rest of the team.

HC: Are there any other clubs or organizations on campus you are looking forward to joining in your next two years here?

TT: I get to talk to Lucas Malo a lot so I want to join a group from Waltham Group and maybe coordinate but definitely be a member first. Maybe Kids Club, anything with kids, I coach a track team for kids and I love it so that is important to me.

HC: Are you planning on going abroad?

TT: I am not, I am planning on getting a summer internship hopefully abroad next summer. I really want to go abroad at some point so if not next summer maybe I’ll take a trip after Senior year.

HC: What is one weird fact/quirk that most people don’t know about you?

TT: One quirk is that instead of running at practice I taught myself how to juggle with the lost tennis balls. I do that every now and again during practice.

HC: When did you join the track and field team?

TT: I walked on and the second day of orientation I joined.

HC: How has that experience been?

TT: It’s been rough since I got injured and couldn’t run last year.  We had a meet and I did well and I am doing my special event soon so that’s exciting. My coach is fantastic and I know she will help me achieve my goal.  Running outside yesterday was fantastic.


Band: Florida Georgia Line

Movie: Housebunny, don’t judge

Celeb Crush: Emma Stone

Ideal First Date: Ideally it starts just going to a simple restaurant where you get to know one another. I always wanted my first date to be going to a Boston Bruins game but I need to find the right person. Maybe after, go back and watch a movie, maybe Housebunny, you never know.

Food: Chicken Marsala

Pick up Line: Are you on the track team? Because you’ve been running around in my dreams



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