Top YouTube Workout Videos for the Busy Girl

What is YouTube good for? Re-watching Beyonce performances so you can perfect your hair flip? Videos about how to tie a scarf in 115 different ways? The source for every Ellen clip ever, providing hours upon hours of procrastination and intense abdomen laughter? The answer to all of these is yes, but YouTube is good for another thing and that is working out! This does require you to get up and move; you can't just sit and watch, but who am I to judge?

Here is a list of some of our favorite YouTube workout vids.

1. Guess I Do Arm Workout

This workout is great because the repetitions are quick and fast. You can even mute it and put on your fav song and blow out each exercise to the beat of your choice. Don’t go too fast though; try to focus on each movement. Each move is done quickly so it’s important for you to do them right and repeat a few times to get the best results.

2. X Fit Daily “How to Train Like a Victoria Secret Model”

This is a great channel for at home workouts. The hosts are women who take fitness seriously but know how to get a workout done efficiently and at home. This video can kick your butt if you let it. The best part? Andrea lists everything you will be doing at the beginning of the video.

3. Jillian Michaels Kickbox Workout

Tune in to this sucker if you really want to knock out each muscle in half an hour. Jillian, known for her stunts on The Biggest Loser, kicks your butt and kicks it hard. You are reminded to work hard every few seconds or so when you hear scream at you for more! Stick to it and you will feel oh so satisfied at the end.

4. Dorm (Apartment) Workouts on Exercise TV

Exercise TV used to be a part of onDemand but they have since moved to YouTube to spread their fitness joy! Along with their other workouts, this video gives you a second-by-second countdown in the top left corner. This particular workout is good for all around toning and requires light hand weights but soup cans work as well. If you don’t have any weights, just do the movements a little slower to create tension with your own body weight.

5. Core Workout with Jackie Warner

Jackie Warner is by far one of the best trainers in Hollywood. Just one of her sessions can start at $400, but with this workout your credit card is given some rest. The video is only 20 minutes but you are sure to feel it the next day.


With the recent polar vortex, it is hard to get in a good cardio workout. It’s too cold to run and the gym just seems so far away. Even with the arrival of Spring, you may be scared to get started. Don't just sit around; instead, throw on your best gear, pop open your lap top and get fit with YouTube!