Top Local Nail Salons

Everyone has that one item they like to splurge on. My item of choice is manicures. For me, getting my nails done is the ideal way to unwind and to feel refreshed. After three and a half years on campus, I have tried out quite a few nail salons (there are many more I haven’t included in the article) in Waltham and the neighboring towns and have picked out my top three.

Four Seasons Nails:

When I am looking for a way to relax outside of Waltham after a long week, I always head to Four Seasons Nails. Their friendly and honest staff, standard prices, and pretty polishes, make this salon the ultimate spot for some primping.

Polish Selection: A-

Four Seasons Nails has a strong selection of polishes by OPI and Essie. It is the type of the salon you can go to with a particular polish in mind and they will most likely have it. They have a variety of colors carry polishes that are on trend for the season

Price: A

They charge the standard $12 for a manicure.

Service: A

Four Seasons nails never seems to have a wait when I go even on Friday afternoons. The process is relaxing—efficient but not rushed. One time my friend forgot her sunglasses there and they kept them for her until she picked them up weeks later so I definitely appreciate their honesty.

Overall: A-

Pros: Great service, solid polish selection, and reasonable prices

Cons: A bit further from campus, but still not too far. It’s nice if you want to get out of Waltham.

T & T Nails:

T & T Nails is the go to spot for a manicure in Waltham. Located on Main Street (close to Moody), it is quick, convenient, and clean.

Polish Selection: B+/B

T & T has a solid variety of colors and has the most popular ones from Essie and OPI. While their selection is not huge, you can usually find one that will fit the bill. If you are looking for the latest colors, then there is a chance you might not find it. However, if you fine with the classic ones, then you will not be disappointed especially since they have many shades of reds, pinks, and darker hues.

Price: B

T & T is one of the more expensive nail salons in the area. Last year their raised their prices by $2 so now manicures, which used to run $12 now cost $14 and pedicures that used to $__ are now $____.

Service: A-

One part about T & T that I appreciate is the fact that they don’t make you wait for service and that you don’t have to make an appointment. This is extremely nice when you have limited time and want to be ensured that you won’t be waiting forever in order to get your nails polished. However, sometimes such quick service can be a bit annoying if you are looking for your manicure to be a relaxing and less rushed experience.

Overall: B +

Pros: Close to campus (you can either drive, or take the bran van/ Crystal shuttle), quick, they do a pristine job painting your nails (you leave with perfectly painted nails)

Cons: More expensive, not amazing polish selection, slightly rushed service

Queen Nails:

You don’t have to have to be a queen in order to get the royal treatment at Queen Nails. They even care about us plebian college students because they encourage our business by enticing us with a great discount on their services if you go during the beginning of the week. Take that Kate Middleton.  

Polish Selection: B

Queen Nails has an okay polish selection. They have some strange colors, which in my opinion have been sitting on the polish wall for years, but if you have the patience to sift through them, then chances are you will be able to find a color that fits your criteria.

Price: A

Queen Nails charges the standard manicure rate of $12. On Monday through Wednesday they have an awesome deal where they give students (with a student ID) 10% off. If you like gel manicures, then this is definitely the place to go because they end up costing $22 with the discount, which is a great price.

Service: B+

I have been to Queen Nails at a variety of times and have found that they can get busy during the weekends and you will have to wait a while. So if you are planning on going during prime time, then definitely call ahead and make an appointment. However, if you go at an off time (on a weekday morning), then you are less likely to encounter a long wait. The staff there is friendly, and they take their time to ensure you are satisfied with your nails.

Overall: B+

Pros: Close to campus so you could even walk if you wanted to (located across from Gordon’s on Main Street), great discount, good service,

Cons: Long wait on weekends, sometimes the fumes from the nail polish remover permeates the small salon, which can give you a headache