Tips For Course Selection and Brandeis' Hidden Gems

With the end of the year fast approaching, we have completed housing and now we need to decide what courses we are taking. We are all thinking the same things: do we want a Friday class? Do we really want to take a three hour long lecture class? Do we think it makes more sense to have class three days a week and be finished by 12? For the record: all of these things can be done and have their own pros and cons. Now, the big question on all of your minds: how do we go about making these really hard decisions?

1)   Use This will create a nice calendar for you so you can see the layout of your week. It also lists all the classes being offered. It is a lot easier to use than Sage. That I can promise you.

2)   Fill up your shopping cart. The last thing you want to do is scramble to get the right course number written in and hit submit and lose a spot in the class you want. Put it in your shopping cart before your enrollment time and select it straight from there.

3)   Find a fun class to fill your requirements. The worst thing you can do is have to sit through a boring class just to fulfill one requirement for Brandeis. Get creative, find a fun class you can take.

If you don’t know where to find a fun class for requirements, check out some of these great selections to fulfill your Non-Western, Quantitative Reasoning and Writing Intensives and some other fun choices.

1)   ENG 20A: Bollywood: Popular Film, Genre and Society

2)   MUS 3B: World Music: Performing Tradition Through Sound

3)   CLAS 167B: Classical Myths Told and Retold

4)   ENG 177: Hitchcock’s Movies

Happy course selection Brandeis!