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Tips for Coming Back from Study Abroad

You’ve had the time of your life…now what?

Readjusting after studying abroad is different for everyone. Maybe you’ll transition smoothly, as if you were here all along or maybe you’ll feel like you’re missing everything about your host country. If you’re feeling the latter, that’s completely normal! Remember culture shock? There’s also such a thing called reverse culture shock, but there are definitely things to do that can help you get back into the swing of things.

You can start by messaging your host family and seeing how they’ve been doing since you’ve seen them last. If there’s a recipe your host family made and you loved, ask for it! It’ll be a delicious reminder of your life abroad. Reconnect with friends, make plans, and engage yourself completely. It’ll be nice to surround yourself with people you’ve missed. Expect that things might be different, as time and distance can often change relationships and friendships. You’ve probably grown and changed a lot during your time abroad and so has everyone else. No worries though, you haven’t been gone too long!

Visit and do all the things you missed during your culture shock period. Indulge in all the American snacks you’ve missed all while celebrating the end of your long distance relationship with Netflix. It’s easy to forget how much you’ve missed being home when you actually come home. Focus on the positives. Academic-wise, transfer your course credits as soon as possible. At Brandeis University, you can do everything online. Have your syllabi on hand to complete the online form and get credited for all your studies.

Once the new semester starts, you’ll be too busy to miss being abroad! Get excited for the new classes, old friends and new friends, and having memories that you’ll carry through all your experiences in life. You can always start planning a trip back!



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